Katerina Magkaniari (Magarini) is an artist, designer and developer. With a foundation in architecture, she explores the dynamic interplay between physical structures and digital spaces. Intrigued by the expansive possibilities of the digital realm, she ventured into web development, experimenting with the craft of constructing immersive online experiences. She holds a MFA in Digital Arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2023).

Driven by a deep motivation for symbiosis, human/non-human interaction, and the exploration of meaning within interconnected spaces, her work navigates the convergence of physical, public, digital, and personal realms, embracing a posthuman perspective.

In her work, she attempts to connect individuals through shared experiences and collective meaning, celebrating the nuances of embodied sensations and the poetics of the everyday. Characterized by collaborative and playful elements, her work has been showcased in exhibitions and publications, including the Athens Digital Arts Festival, Primarolia Festival, metamatic:taf, School of Commons, and installations in public spaces in collaboration with Goethe Institute and OTE Group Telecommunications Museum.