Interactive installation , live performance
Lida Macha
KLIF (artist-run space)

The main goal of the work is an attempt to highlight the complex, interconnected and fluid nature of life in the modern technological condition, against the humanist logic that wants the subject to be rational, autonomous and independent. These concepts have no place in the system we have created. The audience is invited to explore the connections between the elements and themselves, forming temporary collective bodies, to discover that nothing in this space is an autonomous entity, but everything triggers both physical and digital changes in the system. Objects and bodies take on an overt cyborg character, as the divisions between man and machine, self and other, reality and appearance, active and passive, whole and partial, become indiscernible. The mere presence of bodies constantly triggers interdependent changes in the system, making difficult to monitor their influence. The project is about an exploratory relationship with technology, bodies and space, which will not be defined by functionality, but will be characterized by play and enjoyment.