The Whale Bus

net art
Tactus, 17o Athens Digital Arts Festival (online)
Primarolia Festival 2022

It is an interactive story starring a bunch of insects trying to remember a certain place. These insects are characterized by enhanced vision, i.e. they can see simultaneously both in digital and physical space. Trying to remember, they come faced with the inadequacy of their digital memory, which demonstrates the existence of uncharted areas even in large urban centers.What happens to the sites that remain inaccessible, from the eyes of google? These areas are not yet accessible by machines, nor do they constitute a noteworthy attraction, so that a visitor has photographed them. They are usually the minimal green areas, areas designed exclusively for pedestrians, or abandoned areas. During the activation of their memory, we go through different processes with them, such as trying to reconstruct an image that all slips away from us, like the images of the dream, or through sounds atmospheres, which have the ability to awaken images in us.